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About Me

Hi, I'm Kelly 'arekay' Yeo, and I’m from Singapore. I moved to the Us to attend college in 2011, and I’ve been living here ever since. 

I worked for 3 years at the educational indie video game studio Immersed Games as a 2D artist for the MMORPG Tyto Online, as well as its ecology module Tyto Ecology. I was later promoted to 2D art lead. I primarily oversaw and produced the concept art & textures for the game, and worked with a talented team to establish its painterly visual style.  

I previously earned a BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design, and I am currently completing a certificate in Digital Production for Games from the Gnomon School of Visual Effects, and will be graduating come summer 2020. 

my favourite video games are bioshock, dishonored, and tales from the borderlands. when it comes to 3d art, i really enjoy texturing and shader creation, because there's just something so satisfying about nailing a material, and i think that part of the 3d art pipeline really makes the assets come to life.

outside of video games, i enjoy cooking, true crime or horror podcasts, and cats. i love making friends, so feel free to add me on twitter!

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